Bonnie Carr Ministries

No Negative Talk

In this bundle, you will receive Bonnie’s book, And, Now I See: What Are You Hiding Under Your Makeup?, and her impactful accompanying DVD. Bonnie will share with you her four practical steps to achieving a Spiritual Makeover. Damon will also include the complete unedited interview that will further loose you from the chains of your past abuses and traumas in life.

Have you ever felt disappointed, frustrated, guilty, depressed, bitter, broken or angry? Women today are masking their pain by hiding under their makeup. Minister Bonnie Carr is sharing her vision and testimony of how she was in a dark place hiding depression, bitterness, low self-esteem and anger under her makeup due to being bullied during her childhood, loss of her mother and not able to have children.  Read how she, with the Lords help, overcame the insecurities that gripped her life for so many years. Minister Carr’s faith in God helped her towards deliverance from masking her emotions once she surrendered them over to God.

     In her book, And Now I See, she talks about the steps of her transformation by trusting, believing, depending and receiving what God has for her. Minister Carr is now able to see who she is in Christ once she took off her mask. She also discusses how to apply your makeup using biblical principles. Now when she looks into the mirror she knows that she is fearfully and wonderfully made. God has equipped her to help encourage, support, empower other women to remove the layers of their makeup.It is her prayer that this tool can help other women remove the layers of pain and help them discover who God has created them to be.


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